Surgical Navigation

Dr and patient in operatorySurgical Navigation is an imaging system which delivers real time and precise 3-D representation of a patient’s anatomy during surgery. It is analogous to a “GPS” for the surgeon’s drills. Compared to traditional surgical methods, this navigational technique improves accuracy, requires a smaller incision and reduces postoperative pain.

During an implant consultation, the patient will have a CBCT (3D imaging) taken, along with a small clip which is form fitted into the mouth. This clip registers the patient’s anatomy and communicates this information during surgery. The 3D treatment plan (a merging of CBCT, intraoral digital impression and the digital implant plan) is integrated with the surgical navigation unit for calculated planning.

During live surgery, the surgeon’s drills will be registered to the advanced imaging and digitally preplanned surgery as part of the navigation system. The dynamic navigation allows for interactive, turn-by-turn guidance, giving the surgeon the ability to improve every movement of the drill during preparation and implant delivery for more exact implant placement. The dynamic feedback will assist with control of the exact placement of implant POSITION, ANGLE AND DEPTH during live surgery

Surgical Navigation is the most advanced technology in implant dentistry. It allows for accurate placement of the implant in the ideal position. When an implant is placed in the ideal position, the restoration process will have less need for complicated prosthetics.

Surgical Navigation equipment Surgical Navigation imagery